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Company Description
Comm Plus, Inc. is a telecommunications reseller with over 20 years experience in the business. Let our experience guide you through the complex world of telecommunications.
At Comm Plus we constantly search the world wide market for the lowest prices and bring them to our customers.

Low Cost Long Distance

Low Cost Nationwide Internet

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How to contact the company

CommPlus, Inc.
P.O. Box 1998
Shelby, NC 28151



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National Internet

Nationwide Internet access as low as:
$14.95 for group rates
$16.95 for regular rates
Call our toll free number for details.
Find out if you are local to one of our many Local Dialup Locations

If you find a number local to you please write it down as you will need it later for signup. If you're ready to start saving money on your monthly Internet service let's go get the software.
Comm Plus Startup Software for Windows 95/NT 4.0 (ver 3.02 - 7.2 Meg)

Comm Plus Startup Software for Windows 3.1 (ver 3.02) - 4.6 Meg)

Comm Plus Startup Software for Macintosh ( 2.1 Meg)

Low Cost Long Distance

You can start saving up to 40% on your monthly Long Distance Bill:

Long Distance Rate of 12.9 Cents per Minute
That's 12.9 Cents Per Minute!!!!
That's ANYTIME!!

Don't be fooled by other long distance programs that offer low rates and then HIT you with a monthly billing charge that raises your per minute rate to where it was.
We have NO billing charge NO signup fee.

Nothing to Sign!
No need to switch Carriers!
Just Start saving $$

Send us your name address and the phone number (with area code) you want switched and you can begin saving on your next phone bill.

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